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Cedar Creek Falls Restrictions Working

Well worth the hike when the falls are running.

The Cedar Creek Falls restrictions levied and enforced by the U.S. Forest Service in April of 2013 have been, by all accounts, successful. A site that had become infamous for partying and accidents resulting from alcohol abuse and being ill prepared for the rigorous hike into and out of the falls, the Forest Service had actually closed the trail to the falls in 2011.

After two years of review the Forest Service reopened the falls with a permitting process that regulates the flow of visitors and, is so doing, lessens the impact of those visitors on both the natural terrain and on the neighborhoods surrounding the trail departure point. In addition, both the use of alcohol and cliff-jumping have been banned and those restrictions appear to have already reduced the number of accidents occurring at the site.

A beautiful spot, as the image featured on our newest Ramona Orange Book can attest, Cedar Creek Falls (also known as Devil’s Punch Bowl) is something of a “hidden treasure”. About a six mile round-trip hike, the falls are everyone’s cup of tea. But, when the falls are flowing, it is a beautiful sight and, for those undaunted by the hike, a sight definitely worth seeing!

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  1. How exciting, I finally get a chance to see this after living in Ramona for seven years.

  2. Miguel: maybe we should plan a hike since I have not been there either!
    What do you think?

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