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Love Your Heart Day in San Diego / Ramona

LOVE YOUR HEART Love Your Heart is a one-day event during which the County of San Diego and its partners provide free blood pressure screenings to the public at select si...

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January 19, 2015 / Lifestyle


You can stay informed and get good information simply by following Crime Stoppers on Social Media outlets. It doesn't get much easier than that. Here is some information from Crime Stoppers. The proper links are below the information. SAFER SAN DIEGO THROUGH TECHNOLOGY At San Diego County Crime Stoppers, we work to promote community support for public safety by developing community interest ...

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December 18, 2014 / Lifestyle


Ramona Disposal Service Offers the following information. Recycling Dos Recycling Trash What's OK to Recycle? Food & Beverage Containers Milk, soda, water cooking oil and salad dressings Jars & Canisters Peanut butter jars, soap & mayonnaise jars, aspirin bottles and 35mm film canisters. Cleaning Products & Detergents Bleach, detergent, soap, shampoo, dr...

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November 19, 2014 / Sponsored


4th Annual Pomegranate Days Festival Oasis Camel Dairy Says: We top last years event with longer hours, more shows, food and fun! Join us for one of our favorite traditions! Pomegranate days offers something special for everyone. Always a huge event with lots of folks, fun, food and everyone's favorite: pomegranate feeding with the camels! The Dairy opens at 12:00 and stays open through 5...

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November 4, 2014 / News


Recently there has been criminal activity involving small businesses where someone is posing as an SDG&E® employee. The following tips can help prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud: --Don’t provide credit card information over the phone; an SDG&E employee won’t proactively call you for this information. --You shouldn't provide any financial information by phone unless you’ve...

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October 29, 2014 / Health


The Sheriff's Department is working to get the word out on the dangers of marijuana candies. Recently, Juvenile Detective David Leonhardi spoke at an event informing the public about the new face of marijuana. He discussed the kind of marijuana edibles (cookies, brownies, candy, soda) detectives are now finding in local schools and the impact on our children. Stay tuned to Fox 5 News at 4:...

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October 29, 2014 / Featured


A Short Film Contest for High School students is underway. The goal is to end the silence about mental illness and to help prevent suicide. High School Student Teams can create 60-second films to end the silence about mental illness and prevent suicide. Winning students will win cash prizes, resources for their schools, and meet with state legislatures. Due 2/1/15 www.DirectingChange.or...

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